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Welcome to the OriginLab Store!

Origin and OriginPro 9.1 are now available.

The Online Store is ONLY available for:

1) US and Canada customers.

2) OriginPro Student Personal Use orders

3) New Origin or OriginPro orders - NOT upgrades.

For all other purchases and enquiries, contact OriginLab.

We accept:

American Express
MasterCard Visa

Choose a category below to get started:

* OriginPro 9.1 Student Version
* Origin and OriginPro 9.1 Node-locked ACADEMIC
* Origin and OriginPro 9.1 Node-locked COMMERCIAL

If you don't see what you are looking for, you can also try these options:

  1. Licensing and pricing information, including all MULTI-USER licenses.
  2. GSA pricing and contact information
  3. Request a quote

OriginLab Store Restrictions

  • Individual Purchases
  • US and Canada Customers Only
  • All prices are in US Dollars.
  • Prices listed are subject to change.
  • You will be required to provide proof of academic or student status if purchasing a product under the Academic category. This includes the Student Personal Use.
  • Origin and OriginPro system requirements

American Express MasterCard Visa