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OriginLab Store Home > STUDENT VERSION (For Undergraduate & Graduate Students Only) > OriginPro 2023 Student Version 1 yr License



  • Fully functional version of OriginPro.
  • Free upgrades to new version while license is active.
  • Discount pricing for upgrading to commercial license when you graduate.


  • Time-limited to 1 year from date of purchase
  • Students can ONLY purchase 1 License per year and may not purchase another license until their current license has expired.
  • Post-Doctoral Researchers Are Not Permitted to purchase the student license.
  • License is for Students at a University or College in the U.S.A. or Canada; If outside North America, you will need to purchase the license from distributor that serves your country; to find the distributor for your country, please visit: https://www.originlab.com/index.aspx?go=Company/Distributors
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for the order to be processed once the Student verification is received
  • Installation on only one (1) student-owned computer, not a computer owned by the college or university.
  • Origin project (OPJ) limited to 30 windows. Windows beyond the first 30 will not be accessible, but will be saved with the project.
  • License must be purchased with the student's own personal credit card. Name on credit card must match name on student ID.
  • Must be enrolled in a Degree Granting Institution and present proof of student status, such as a valid student ID. Instructions will be sent once purchase is completed.
  • Technical Support available only for installation and license management issues.

To qualify for the Student Version you must be enrolled in a Degree Granting Institution with a valid Student ID and personal credit card when purchasing the software.

Note: OriginLab Corporation reserves the right to refuse any order that is deemed to have the incorrect pricing selection.

If you would like to purchase a 1-year Academic license for OriginPro without window limitation, please visit our Academic OriginPro Purchase Page

If you would like to purchase a 1-year Academic license for Origin without window limitation, please visit our Academic Origin Purchase Page


OriginPro 2023 Student Version
(time limited to one year from date of purchase)
-download only
-Post-Doctoral Researchers cannot purchase student license.

For all other purchases and enquiries, contact OriginLab.

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